Monday, April 26, 2010


When I got home from Phoenix I came home to a surprise, CHICKENS! Haiden really wanted chickens and so Ryan said yes and decided to build a home for them.

Haiden and Elle holding one of the baby chickens.

They grow so quickly!

Ryan working on his project!

Elle helping Dad!

The finished project!


Connie said...

YUMMY!! I like chickens ;-) The chicken coop is amazing! Ryan did an awesome job.

Melissa said...

That chicken coop looks sooo great!! He just up and made a chicken coop or did he have plans to build from?? I LOVE IT!!

Trevor and Dayna said...

when do I get some eggs?

Jodi said...

Hi, I've been noticing from my blog data that your blog is linking people to my blog and discovered that you have a link to Teresa and Todd Tolman's blog, but there is an error in that link info, causing that link to take people to our blog. Our's is "THEtolmanfamilyblog..." and Todd's and Teresa's is "tolmanfamilyblog..." Just thought you'd like to correct that. You both have beautiful families!